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Needwood Forest (County)


Tim was elected as County Councillor for the Needwood Forest division in 2001. He is Chairman of the County Council’s Planning Committee and is also a member of the Prosperous Staffordshire committee.


Career outside politics

Tim farms in Newborough and is involved in many environmental schemes including new woodland planting.

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Tel: 01283 575737
Email: timothy.corbett@staffordshire.gov.uk

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Political career

Tim has been involved with the local Conservative association for 20 years, delivering leaflets and knocking on doors. He was elected as a Borough Councillor in 1999 and served 12 years on East Staffordshire Borough Council where he was Chairman of the Licensing Panel and Vice Chairman of the Planning Applications Committee.  He was made an Honorary Alderman of the Borough in 2011. Tim  was elected to the County Council in 2001 and is Chairman of the Planning Committee.

Hobbies / Fun Fact

Tim enjoys walking and the countryside.


Tim campaigned for a council tax freeze from the county council and the council delivered this pledge. He has also delivered road safety improvements across his division with the use of 20mph zones outside schools, speed limit reductions, and highway improvements. He works tirelessly taking up individual concerns and supports many local sports clubs and parish councils with his local community fund.

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