Council Tax Freeze


Conservatives announce 4 year freeze

As part of the upcoming Borough Council elections the Conservative group have announced it is their intention to freeze tax increases for the next four years.  This builds on the council record of reducing tax rates under Tory control.

Councillor Grosvenor leader of the Tory group said "Under our control the council has a proven track record of never increasing the burden of tax payments on our residents and reducing it where we can.  Therefore, it only made sense that this commitment should form part of our exciting manifesto for the local elections.  Sound financial management will be vital whoever takes control in May and I believe it is only the Conservatives who the proven record local people can trust.  The way you demonstrate it is in not taking more of the public money than you need. We recognise it is not our money where the Labour group have previously told us that the Council should "keep what was theirs""

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