New Tablets for Pre-School.


Utto preschoolA pre-school has been educating youngsters on new state-of-the-art tablets thanks to a donation from borough councillors.

Conservative councillors Mrs Susan McGarry and Mr George Allen, representing the Town and Heath wards respectively, donated the cash for six tablet computer devices, a total of nearly £690, through their Councillor Community Funds.

Uttoxeter Pre-school leader Joanne Ratcliffe had approached the pair for funding for the devices.

Mrs Ratcliffe said: "We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our local councillors. The tablets have been loaded with numerous educational games for the children to enjoy. We are now able to let the children access a wider curriculum. The children use the tablets with enthusiasm and confidence."

Conservative Councillor McGarry said: "It was my pleasure to help a local organisation to purchase this equipment for the children to enjoy extended educational activities through technology. The Early Years Foundation Stage has now incorporated learning in different ways, and technology is a huge part of the structure that is used in pre-schools, and having these educational tablets has given the children the platform to be ready when they start school life. I watched the children using the tablets and was amazed at how quickly they became familiar with how they worked, playing games using skills in maths, shapes, colours, letters and also enhancing their fine motor skills. Children learn very quickly and these educational tablets will be a huge benefit to all those in the pre-school."

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